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We have been proudly serving the business community since the year of 2000.  Over the years, with our diligent service and our attentiveness, we had made ourselves the leading authority in the industry.  With the widest spectrum of products offered and constant acquirement of the newest products in the market, our customers are rest assured that their goal will be in-line with us -- that is "PROFITABLE BUSINESS".

Since the inception of our business, the key focus is always our customers' needs and requirement, not only quality products that can make a handsome profit for them but to eliminate the hassle and time consuming process of finding the right goods.

In QMARK, we practice open concept wholesale where all prices are tagged and fixed, so all our customers are accorded to the same fair pricing elements that eliminate the time wasting process of bargaining.  With constant upgrading of our products range and inventories, we are trying our highest effort to offer customers all their needs under a roof.

Shopping in QMARK is just simply as: "If it looks good and the price is fair, take and pay".  These elements above combined are actually already adding profit into your business without you even realising that!!  WHY???  Because time is MONEY and money equals PROFIT...  and in fact we save your TIME!

SAVINGS are profits that every business needs in order to change and evolve to meet the future.  They are the "SEED CORN" for the next year's crop.